• Cosmetic brand excluding harmful ingredients as much as possible to prevent irritation of the skin. • Labonita offers specialized products for different skins type (acne, dry, ate- aging,sensitive and wrinkle improvement) to offer a skincare to everyone. • Provides skincare products for sensitive skin affected by the time of day.


• Botamix is a natural premium bathroom skincare brand that specializes in creating beauty products used in the bathroom. • Botamix has highest certificated quality, and develops and produces products through continuous research. • Pursues naturalism by developing products that focus on hair and skin efficacy with saf ingredients and specialized technology.


- Macklin Cosmetics is a cosmopolitan company created by people who are full of passion and challenge for their skin and mission to contribute to the beauty of women. As stars, the shining beauty begins with the skin. - However, many pollutants, such as ultra fine dust and ultraviolet rays, are damaging our skin and therefore require proper care. A passionate company that continues to challenge its customers to a more beautiful world. -CHANGE YOUR SKIN Maclean Cosmetics focuses on the passion for the skin, the spirit of challenge, and the beauty of women.


- Ottie takes its name from a portmanteau of the French word "hauteur" and the English word "pretty." - Established in Korea in 2004, the brand is guided by its slogan "Natural as Nature" to contribute to a woman's natural beauty via its extensive skincare catalog. - Using only the freshest ingredients, Ottie aims to revitalize and strengthen the skin from within to reveal beauty that defies time. - All Ottie products are manufactured in Korea.


· Ovaco is a global cosmetic brand that was made by TDS (Transdermal Delivery System) experts from USA, Germany, and Korea. · It is widely celebrated as customizable cosmetics, consisted of over skin care total solution serums, which offer skin improvement depending on one’s skin condition (aging/wrinkle/freckle/trouble/whitening) rather than one’s skin type (oily/dry). · OVACO developed customized skin care program to achieve optimal skin condition and resolve fundamental cause of skin problem.


• Self home medicare products for self care without any dermatological treatment. Brand's ingredients are Growth factor and Peptides to solve aging skin problem. • Bueno use the best technology and materials for their products (R&D program). • None of harmful ingredients are used. • Premium home medicare cosmetics product line : Toner, Emulsion,Serum, Eye cream, etc.


-Brand produces hypoallergenic and healthyvegan skincare products. -Using only natural acne soothing patentedingredients and natural surfactant to pursurehypoallergenic and effective acne care. -Famous product- SPOT ERASER- patches consistmicroneedle for upcoming acne and brighteningred spot from acne, product also protects andcovers popped acne/pimple scar


Professional Lifting & Renewal Skin System Kit Contents. • Express lifting therapy is a rejuvenation technique which saturates cell structures and tissues with CO2. Because of this, a deep regeneration of the skin occurs. • Results of the procedure: rejuvenation and tightening of the skin, improvement of skin structure, significant reduction of wrinkle visibility, reduction of thickness subcutaneous fat and the double chin, reduction of pigmentation, brightening and evening of skin color, elimination of excess secretion from the sebaceous glands, improvement in lymphatic drainage and swelling reduction, acne treatment, post-acne stain removal.


• Steambase is a 'fundamental health & skin care brand’. It is a combination of ‘Steam’ that controls skin temperature and humidity in colorless, odorless moisture and gas state and ‘Base’, that represents the foundation of healthy skin.


- The brand name of mask pack is various as WIMS8 and constantly developing differentiated product. - Also manage various kinds of mask packs from production to distribution, including hydrogel mask, essence masks and functional certified masks.

Touch In Sol

• Inspired by the sun / sol, company believes that our each soul emits energy and sparks connections – bringing light, luminosity, and positivity to the outside world. • They channel this same positive energy into products, formulating each one with feel-good ingredients that nourish your skin, feed your spirit, and color your confidence. • The Touch in Sol community is comprised of self-empowered, expressive and confident individuals. Young and carefree, Touch in Sol users are prima-rily aged 18- 30 and reject the bounds of a rigid lifestyle trajectory.