- Ottie takes its name from a portmanteau of the French word "hauteur" and the English word "pretty." - Established in Korea in 2004, the brand is guided by its slogan "Natural as Nature" to contribute to a woman's natural beauty via its extensive skincare catalog. - Using only the freshest ingredients, Ottie aims to revitalize and strengthen the skin from within to reveal beauty that defies time. - All Ottie products are manufactured in Korea.

Vegan Beta-Carrot Essence Water

Green Tea Toner 200ml

Green Tea Cleansing Water 200ml

Green Tea Cleansing Foam 150ml

Platinum Aura Vital Balancing Emulsion 120ml

Lift Firming Cream 45ml

Vegan Beta-Carrot Foam Cleanser

Beta Hyaluronic 100 Mask

Cicacera 45 Relief Cream

Platinum Aura Ultimate Capsule Cream 50ml

Vegan Beta-Carrot Shield Cream

Fila Ceramide 100 Mask

Pepta Collagen 100 Mask

Bio Tension Serum 30ml

Lift Firming Cream 45ml

Vita Glutathione 100 Mask

Green Tea Eye Cream 30ml

Platinum Aura Nutri-intensive Serum 40ml

Platinum Aura Roll-Up Eye Cream 15ml